Gimmick or Niche?

There is an overwhelming amount of information on the Internet about how to set up a successful blog. I know because I’ve read them all, and learned one thing - you have to have a gimmick.

(Or was it a niche? Or schtick? Meh, I can’t remember…)

We’ve looked at a lot of blogs and vlogs … a lot. From auto repair to RVing, from music instruction to cooking, from the super professional to the incredibly basic, the successful ones all seem have one thing in common - if you share something that will benefit other people, they’ll read it and share it.

The observant person can see another pattern emerge - success (followers) leads to pressure to produce content, and therefore a reduction in overall quality and relevance.

And therein we find our path. If this whole blgging thing sticks with us and we have something to say, we’ll share it. No pressure to produce, no schedule to follow, just whatever and whenever.

Check back again later to see if we’ve found anything interesting or useful to say.


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