Let's Do It

After many years of talking, imagining, traveling, dreaming and camping, we have finally decided to start sharing our adventures with the world. We realize how wonderfuly blessed we have been in our lives, with numerous opportunities to get out and see some really interesting places, meet great people, and break out of our routine.

Every time we go, it stretches us. It is usually uncomfortable. It is sometimes expensive. It is often stressful. But, it is always rewarding.

A few weeks ago we were talking in the car, on yet another short road trip. Reminiscing over the many years since we were married in 1991, we realized we couldn’t count the number of adventures we’ve shared. Some long, some short, but all were fantastic because we shared them. As we were remembering, we realized it doesn’t matter where we are or what we’re doing, as long as we do it together.

Adventure isn’t about spending tons of money, or planning extravagant getaways, or “travelling the world”. It’s much more simple. Adventure is simply just getting up and going.

Get up. Go someplace interesting. Wake Up Wherever.

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